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365 Days in Horse Country – Treasure Hunts

Blog by Michael Stuart Webb | November 10th, 2013

365 Days in Horse Country – Treasure Hunts


Just about everyone embarked on a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt as a child: established a list of items you must find, then traipse around knocking on neighbour’s doors in a race to collect all the items on the list.  The team that find the most item wins.

Scavenger hunting can also be done on horseback.  A popular horse camp activity, horseback treasure hunts involve teams of riders that go out on the trail and try to collect items found on a list written by the camp counselors.

These items can include everything from a particular type of flower, a certain colour pebble, or the bark of an uncommon tree.  Similarly, the team that retrieves the most items from the list is the winner.

Riding instructors say that horseback treasure hunts are fun for kids learning to ride, and treasure hunts also help boost their riding skills.  Riders practicing turning, stopping, starting, dismounting, and mounting, all while participating in a scavenger hunt.