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365 Days in Horse Country – Stable Lighting

Blog by Michael Stuart Webb | October 15th, 2013

365 Days in Horse Country – Stable Lighting



When the sun is shining and you are spending time with your horse, lighting is the last thing on your mind.  But if you have ever found yourself trying to muck stalls or untack your horse in the dark, you know how important stable lighting really is.

Here are some key places that need lighting to keep in mind when you are planning or redesigning your stable.

  • Work space – The area where you tack and untack your horse should have lighting that allows you to see what you are doing without casting a lot of shadows. If possible, use multiple light sources that are overhead but angled.  This will prevent shadows that will keep your tacking area in the dark while you are working.
  • Stalls and pastures - It’s a good idea to have light in your horse’s stall or pasture.  A sick horse or one in another kind of trouble may need your help in the dark.  You may also find the need to do barn chores such as mucking after the sun goes down.  Having a nearby light that can brighten up the space should you need it can prove invaluable.
  • Tack room – You can opt for a sophisticated lighting system in your tack room installed by an electrician if your budget allows for it, or simply purchase a battery-operated lantern designed for camping and place it near the door so you can turn it on when you first come in.