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365 Days in Horse Country – Basic Brushing

Blog by Michael Stuart Webb | November 4th, 2013

365 Days in Horse Country – Basic Brushing


We all know how to brush a horse….. or do we?  Do you have a system that really gets the dirt out and brings out your horse’s natural shine?  If not, then give this a whirl.

First assemble all your tools.

  • Ruby currycomb
  • Stiff body brush
  • Soft dandy brush
  • Small, stiff detail brush for hard-to-reach places
  • Clean towel

First, curry your horse with the rubber currycomb.  Begin just behind the throatlatch and work in a circular motion as you cover every part of his body.  Don’t forget to go down his legs all the way to the coronet band, underneath his belly, and on his back legs beneath his tail.

This will raise a lot of dust and dirt to the surface of your horse’s coat.  Brush it all out with the stiff body brush.  Remember to brush with the lay of the hair.  Don’t stop until all the dirt and dust are gone from your horse’s coat.  Clean your brush periodically by rubbing it vigorously back and forth across the currycomb.

Use the stiff body brush to groom your horse’s forelock, mane, and tail.  Don’t use a comb or bristly brush for this as these will pull and break the hairs.

Next, take your small detail brush and groom behind your horse’s ears (sweat accumulates there from the headstall), on his elbows, and beneath his fetlocks.

Using the soft dandy brush, go over your horse’s face.  Start between his eyes and work your way down to his muzzle.

Next, go over your horse’s entire body with the dandy brush.  This will remove the fine layer of dust that remains on the surface of your horse’s coat.

Finish off with the clean towel.  Wipe your horse’s entire body to add sheen and sparkle to that newly cleaned coat.