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365 Days in Horse Country – ANNOUNCEMENT – Horse as a Second Language

Blog by Michael Stuart Webb | November 14th, 2013

365 Days in Horse Country – ANNOUNCEMENT – Horse as a Second Language


Once again, it is with great pleasure that I draw your attention to another very worthwhile clinic. This is a great opportunity to learn very valuable lessons from seasoned horsefolks.  Please consider availing yourself to all of the knowledge that the clinician is so willing to share.

This particular clinic is being hosted by none other than the well-respected equine guru, Wendy Eagle, of Wellspring Equine Consulting.  Wendy is, without question, the foremost authority on equine health and behavior in the Central Ontario region.  Her depth and breadth of knowledge has contributed to her demand on the lecturing circuit, including that of regular guest lecturer at Equine Guelph, a program of equine studies administered by the University of Guelph's Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare. 

This particular clinic has been designed to help us understand the subtleties of horse language, such that we may be better able to communicate with our hooved companions, therefore allowing us the opportunity to deepen our bonds with them.  The clinic will examine the use of body language as a means of communication, not only among your horses peers but with you as well.  It will address how the horse uses its eyes, ears, neck, limb positions and locomotive movements to speak to you and other horses in the herd.

This clinic will take place on December 7th in Chruchill and is a must for horsefolks of all levels and abilities.  For more information about the clinic, or to register, please visit the Wellspring Equine Consulting website at http://www.wellspringequine.ca